Jewelry care

We work with sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver.

We advise to store your jewelry in plastic to avoid tarnishing.
Sterling silver can oxidize in time and turn black under the influence of air or your skin.
The best solution is to wear it frequently.

We advise you to take off our jewelry while showering, swimming, doing the dishes and sleeping. Perfume and (hand)creams can also damage your jewelry.

Gold plating is developed by electrolysis which forms a gold film on a jewelry piece.
Our gold plated items have a layer of at least 3 micron gold.
Necklaces, bracelets and rings have a layer of 5 micron.
Eventually the gold layer will wear off. It depends on how you use your jewelry or
your skin type how soon it goes.
For a small fee we can re-plate your jewelry.

Our yellow gold plated jewelry have a layer from 18k gold. This has a more deeper yellow colour than 14k. It tarnishes very little.

Rose gold plated jewelry may get a bit darker in time. This is because there is copper in the gold which will react stronger to air.

Our black jewelry is made dark with a dipping solution. This speeds up the oxidization process. It is a thin layer. It will wear off, which gives a personal touch to your jewelry.
It will turn into a worn-out look.