Monique van Bruggen and Erik Bakker have a way of taking the finest traditional materials like gold and (gilded) silver and making them feel unexpected. Understated, yet with enough personality to be different, their delicate jewelry appeals to quietly confident women around the world.

Handcrafted with love

The creative duo, who met in design school, work together from their studio on a boat in Amsterdam. The collection of STUDIO MHL is minimal and modern and showcases the couple’s love of craftsmanship and clean, graphic lines. There’s always a softness to the designs as every piece is made by hand and meticulously finished by a small team of skillful artisans who each leave their personal touch.

International success – STUDIO MHL jewelry travels as far as Japan – inspires Monique and Erik to grow their business. They do so at an organic pace, which suits their creative process as well as their life as a young family with a little boy. They build on a core collection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces and add items twice a year to explore new shapes and forms. Favourite bestsellers like the classic circle earring and the playful mussel necklace always stay in the collection.

Subtle with a playful twist

STUDIO MHL’s jewelry is versatile, allowing for a style statement, but subtle enough to wear everyday and with any outfit. The beautiful pieces accentuate a woman’s personality without overwhelming it and are ideal for those who favour discreet minimalism one moment and are in a more playful mood the next. This is also reflected in the brand’s presentation and packaging; the illustrated display cards and gift boxes are delicate works of art in their own right.

The STUDIO MHL collection is available from selected stores across the globe and from the brand’s online shop.

Words by Veronique Van Hoye